Vactor HXX Fan

Joe Johnson Equipment’s line of hydrovac equipment for sale includes the Vactor HXX Fan.The Vactor HXX Fan air conveyance is preferred for many vacuum hydro excavation applications because it moves an incredible amount of air, excavating more rapidly than other systems. The Vactor HXX hydro excavator is easy to operate and maintain, has lower noise levels, and adds less overall weight to the unit. The poly tanks are available in 12-15 yard capacities.


  • The Vactor HXX Fan can be more forgiving for less experienced Operators
  • The hydro excavator's centrifugal fan is ideal for most hydro excavation applications
  • Dual 38" aluminum two-stage centrifugal compressor fan system
  • Hydrostatic fan drive system
  • Vacuum relief located at the inlet of debris tank to allow the Operator to vent to atmosphere


Is Your Hydrovac Weight Compliant?



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