Vactor 2100 Plus Fan

The redesigned Vactor 2100 Plus Fan is a sewer cleaner for public utilities and professional contractors cleaning wastewater and sanitary systems. The new Vactor 2100 Plus Fan features increased vacuum performance and improvements tooperator comfort and control, air routing and filtration efficiency and fuel efficiency. Smart Truck concept features have also been integrated on the new sewer cleaner, including internal monitoring systems that enable the operator to monitor and troubleshoot flow and pressure, blower temperature and oil level, drive system idle and open vacuum relief. The new design and ergonomic controls on the Vactor 2100 Plus Fan make it easier to operate and maintain, and provide an all-around command of the work area. Everything the operator needs to clean sewers is centrally located at the front of the sewer cleaner for maximum productivity and efficiency. The new model also features more wireless functions as standard, such as e-stop, hose reel pay-in and -out and reel speed control.


  • The noise level at the operator station on the Vactor 2100 Plus Fan is noticeably quieter than previous models and other manufacturer' models
  • The new 2100 Plus Fan features improvements that simplify maintenance, extend equipment life and increase machine utilization. For example, the water fill location has been lowered for easier access and simplified daily maintenance. Access to the auxiliary engine and tanks has also been increased.
  • The new fan and air-routing system delivers significantly increased vacuum pressure in both the single-stage and dual- stage fan configurations
  • Preliminary tests show a 20 to 30 percent decrease in fuel consumption
  • The Vactor 2100 Plus Fan features increased performance and operator control enhancements

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