Torus TR-200 Tank & Vessel Cleaning Tool


The Torus TR-200 is the industry’s most powerful 3-D tool. It is capable of delivering flows up to 220 gpm (830 l/min) with minimal pressure loss. Applying higher flows allows contractors to remove thicker deposits and deliver longer and harder hitting jets from further distances. This is ideal for cleaning hard to handle applications such as large tanks and difficult materials such as coke deposits.


• Small entry diameter and light weight enable easy transport, setup, storage, and access to more tanks and vessels
• If the arms hit an internal obstruction while in operation, the Torus TR-200 simply stops rotating without damaging the gear mechanism
• Side by side field trials prove that the Torus TR-200 experiences less pressure loss than competitive tools on the market – less pressure loss equals more power delivered to the cleaning surface and greater productivity
• Positioning devices and extensions help adapt the Torus TR-200 to specific needs

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