Torus TR-130 Tank & Vessel Cleaning Tool

The Torus TR-130 is a powerful and highly adaptable 3-D cleaning tool designed to easily adjust to a wide range of pump capacities, working pressures, and cleaning applications.

Today’s cleaning environments demand hands-free automated technology for increased safety. When the Torus TR-130 is combined with our positioning equipment in chemical and power plants these challenges are met.


• Small entry diameter enables access to more tanks and vessels
• If the arms hit an internal obstruction while in operation, the Torus TR-130 simply stops rotating without damaging the gear mechanism
• Minimal pressure loss which provides more power delivery than other tools on the market
• Interchangeable manifolds and couplings allow the operator to use the TR-130 on different pumps ranging from 10k psi (700 bar) to 20k psi (1500 bar)
• Wide range of accessories available including positioning devices, cage centralizers and extensions help adapt the Torus TR-130 to specific needs and jobs

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