StoneAge Navigator

The Navigator is the only automated rotary hose device in the industry specifically engineered to clean small diameter process pipe with bends.

The Navigator uses an Autobox ABX-PRO tractor to feed the hose in and out of the pipe and a spinning drum to rotate the hose. This unique hose rotation allows the Navigator to work past multiple elbows/bends in process piping that may have been inaccessible in the past. The Navigator is ideal for cleaning piping, drain lines, and other small pipes with bends.


• Continuous rotation of the hose allows the nozzle to pass up to eight bends in small pipe
• Small and lightweight system design with a wheeled base for portability
• Safely contains up tp 100 ft (30 m) of high pressure hose for 85 ft (26 m) of reach
• Quick disassembly into modular components which meet plant requirements for single man lift and manway access
• Forward and reverse feed rates can be independently adjusted to optimize dwell time
• CE Certified

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