StoneAge Blackhawk Hydrodemolition BHK 100

Hydrodemolition is more safe and precise in comparison to many traditional methods of concrete removal. The Blackhawk BHK -100 features a universal mounting plate, which allows this tool to adapt to different types of equipment (Skid Steer, Telescopic Forklift, etc.), making it cost-effective.



  • Does not negatively affect sound concrete or introduce fracturing into the structure
  • Cleans and decontaminates embedded metal and rebar without causing damage
  • Adaptable to your choice of equipment (Standard flow skid steer, telehandler, etc.)
  • Designed for use at any orientation
  • Choice of penetrating single jet or multi-jet bar head for increased efficiency when preparing concrete surfaces
  • Can be configured to specific nozzle standoff, traverse and rotation speeds for consistent/repeatable results
  • Removed up to 12 in. (305 mm) of material or more based on pressure, flow, and grade of concrete

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