StoneAge AutoBox ABX-500 Pipes | Tanks | Vessels

The AutoBox ABX-500 hands-free device used for cleaning pipes and vessels. It offers precise control over hose tractor and allows for increased safety and adaptability to wide ranges of applications.



• Remote operation from outside of the blast zone reduces risk of injury
• Hands-free cleaning minimizes operator fatigue and reduces downtime
• Remotely adjustable hose clamp pressure allows operator to adapt to changing conditions and minimize hose wear
• Forward and reverse feed rates can be independently adjusted for repeatable, consistent cleaning
• Capable of exerting up to 200 ft-lb of push/pull force on the hose when outfitted with
•Passes hoses and couplings up to 1.75 in. (44.5 mm)
• Several mounting options available
• CE Certified

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