Ring-O-Matic 550 Vacuum Excavator

Joe Johnson Equipment’s line of hydrovac equipment for sale includes the The Ring-O-Matic 550 Vacuum Excavator. It makes for quick work in any environment. This unit’s pressurized tank option makes it easy to unload wet materials from the tank, while the full-opening rear door allows for easy removal of hard and dried materials.


  • Ideal machine for potholing, cleaning storm drains, general construction site cleanup,
    keyholing or utility microsurgery, and slot trenching
  • Power by CAT - unexcelled performance and reliability
  • Vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver - rugged and high performance
  • Balanced design with optimum tongue weight - easy on your trucks
  • Reverse flow is standard - fast tank emptying, blow obstructions out of the vacuum hose and
    backflush the filters for quick-easy cleaning
  • Also available in the following capacities: 275, 850, and 1300

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