Ring-O-Matic 275 Vacuum Excavator

The Ring-O-Matic 275 is a compact, low-profile piece of hydrovac equipment available for sale at Joe Johnson Equipment. The 275 Vacuum Excavator is designed and balanced to provide optimum tongue weight for towing with ease, and are available with spoils tank sizes up to 2,500 gallons. Thus, making this unit an ideal piece of equipment for quick projects.


  • Available in trailer, truck, and skid mount configurations.
  • Power by CAT® - excelled performance and reliability.
  • Vacuum pump blowers by Gardner Denver® - rugged and high performance.
  • Premium silencer package - reduced noise complaints.
  • Compact low profile - good visibility for your driver and stability in rough locations.
  • Rugged construction the way a contractor needs it - heavy duty frames and largest axle capacity in its class.

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