Ring-O-Matic 1300 Vacuum Excavator

The Ring-O- Matic 1300 Vacuum Excavator is a cost efficient machine with all the important features and functions of a premium machine. VL machines are powered by a 31 Hp, air cooled, overhead valve, twin cylinder gasoline engine. The 1300 Vacuum Excavator is equipped with the rugged and high performance Gardner Denver vacuum pump/blower providing 600 CFM and a 4.9 gpm water pump.


  • Available in trailer, truck, and skid mount configurations.
  • Balanced design with optimum tongue weight - easy on your trucks.
  • Reverse flow is standard - fast tank emptying, blow obstructions out of vacuum hose and backflush the filters for quick-easy cleaning.
  • Unique single handle door latch design for easier, faster opening and closing.
  • Patented Cyclo-Jet Potholing Excavator available - The fastest, cleanest, easiest-to- use potholing equipment tool in its class - dig a 4 foot deep hole in about a minute with a single operator.

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