Epoke SKE8 Towed Spreader

The Epoke SKE8 Towed Spreader is a road speed related towed spreader that is designed to be the most robust in the industry. Designed to fit on a standard sidewalk (48") the tires are set from the outside edge of the unit to be less apt to slip off the curb edge. The tongue is kept as short as possible to allow for optimized tracking while cornering.Complete with an electric on/off control for inside the cab, as well as an Empty Sensor to signal the operator when the capacity is low in spreading material, the Epoke SKE8 Towed Spreader makes for an efficient and operator friendly tower.


  • Capacity is 750 litres (1 cubic yard)
  • Spreading Width of 1008mm (40 inches)
  • 12 ply tires
  • 12 volt to power clutch mechanism or manual control on spreader
  • The Epoke City Combi Kit (360 litre capacity) is an available add-on to the SKE8. The kit is a ground speed related spray system to pre-wet dry material and/or anti-ice

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