Engo Minengo Electric Edger

The Engo Edger was developed for Operators that require the very best results from their ice maintenance. This silent, user-friendly powerhouse has a zero environmental impact while removing the ice build-up around the boards. Engo has taken many strides forward in the industry to not only exceed the performance of a fossil fuel machine, but to also reduce your facility’s overall operational expenses, emit zero emissions, and produce a safe operating environment.


  • Equipped with a height-adjustable handle and board guide, as well as, a powerful 24V 2.0 kW 3200 RPM electric motor
  • Additional safety guard surrounds the cutting disk
  • Eight easy to replace long lasting cutters
  • 1 year warranty


Testimonials: JJE & The Air Canada Centre (ACC) Work Towards the "Team Up Green" Initiative

The ICE Crew at the ACC is making great strides with their “Team Up Green” initiative started in 2009. The ACC is reducing its carbon footprint, minimizing environmental impact, reducing energy consumption, and increasing waste diversion. With the help from Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE) and the Minengo Ice Edger, the ACC has taken yet another step towards meeting its goals. In January 2013, the ACC began using the Minengo Edger because it met with the ACC’s “Team Up Green” initiatives in a number of ways. The Minengo Edger not only emits zero emissions – emissions that would normally be exposed to spectators, players, and employees with a traditional edger – but also eliminates the need for fuel because of the powerful electric motor and maintenance-free batteries. In addition to eliminating emissions, the Minengo will also reduce the ACC’s carbon footprint and facility costs.


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