Advantages of the Electric Ice Resurfacer – The Engo Wolf

Advantages of the Electric Ice Resurfacer – The Engo Wolf

Building the “perfect sheet of ice” is a great goal of an ice resurfacer.

Yet an ice resurfacer can do this and more for your arena.  This essential tool in your arena equipment arsenal can also play a key role in energy cost management, air quality and employee safety – three additional critical elements that should be in every facility manager’s game plan.

Joe Johnson, President of Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE), believes that choosing a proven, efficient and high-quality ice resurfacer is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“Choosing an ice resurfacer is a factor that can have an impact on air quality, energy costs and the overall quality of a rec facility,” says Johnson.  “Operations managers should look for a unit that produces clear, fast, resilient ice but without emitting harmful gases or increasing energy costs. The best ice, at the lowest cost, produced safely and in a clean-air space – who can possibly argue with that?”

Arena Air Quality

The battery-powered Engo Wolf electric ice resurfacer is an efficient and powerful design that does not introduce harmful emissions into your rink.

With traditional ice resurfacer technology, gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide or propane can get trapped near the ice under a layer of warmer air – then build up to unsafe levels affecting the health of those in the arena.  There are, unfortunately, many examples of this happening in community rinks over the years.

Ice Quality

We are always striving towards making the highest quality ice surface.  Engo achieves that goal and has been doing so for over twenty-five years in Europe.

While providing an optimal ice surface is a top priority for operations managers, keeping the air clean and safe must also be a high priority for arena facilities, because it ensures the safety of the teams and groups using the ice as well as for spectators and maintenance personnel. Engo allows you to achieve both goals – produce a great ice surface in a safe environment.

Joe Johnson Equipment also recommends the Minengo Electric Edger to complement the Engo Wolf to help keep the ice in the best shape possible while avoiding emissions. The Minengo removes ice buildup around the boards, is equipped with a height-adjustable handle, and has an electromagnetic brake for immediate stoppage of the cutters.

Arena Employee Safety

In addition to seeking that quality ice sheet in an emission-free environment, employee safety is also important. The Engo Wolf is that powerful ice resurfacer that’s not only environmentally friendly, but designed with employee safety in mind. The high-grade steel resurfacing blade on the Engo Wolf will last for months before requiring sharpening or changing. When a blade change is needed, the ice resurfacer features a patented two-minute safe blade-change system that prevents contact with the blade, making it far safer to use.

The Engo Wolf offers the same horsepower as a traditional fossil-fuel machine, yet without the harmful emissions. It also features patented auger wash system, which enhances performance and reduces maintenance costs. Additional safety features on the Engo Wolf include energy-efficient LED headlights and rear lights, a signal tone that indicates reversing and opening / closing the snow tank, and an LED rotating beacon.

The Engo Wolf series of electric ice resurfacers are also thoughtfully designed to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Built with driver ergonomics in mind over the years, the Engo Wolf has an adjustable driver’s seat with armrests.  It is very responsive, maneuverable, easy to operate, safe and proven efficient.

When employees know their employer is concerned about their safety, this pays off in many ways – some measurable and some, just as important, but immeasurable.

Controlling Costs

Switching to an Engo electric ice resurfacer is part of a larger commitment to sustainability and innovation in sports arenas, and moves a facility and an organization towards the goal lessening its carbon footprint.

The Engo technology that has been used in Europe for many years is quickly gaining traction and adoption in North America over the past 5 years.  “Going Engo” is an opportunity to evolve and achieve a smarter way to deliver on a facilities’ community commitment.

“This is not a new company.  Engo is a great company, producing high-quality units and we have experienced this.  Leveraging a highly efficient machine, such as the Engo Wolf Electric Ice Resurfacer, will significantly reduce your facility’s overall operational expenses and produce a safe, emission-free operating environment” advised Johnson.

“We live, play and work where you do. When we think about rink safety, we’re thinking about all of our families. I coach my three children in rinks.  As coaches and parents, we love game-day as much as you do.  We want a great ice surface for our kids; but made in a clean-air, environmentally-responsible space.  We owe these children that.” Johnson added.

The Joe Johnson Equipment team can help facility managers find the right equipment for the job, providing expert information along the way. Contact us to find the right ice resurfacer to enhance surface uniformity and quality while recognizing safety and controlling costs – all of which are critical to municipalities and other organizations that look for the best ROI.

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