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Epoke PM 1.4 Spreader

The Epoke PM 1.4 Spreader is specially designed for use with small tractors, as it can be fitted to a three-point mounting hitch. It is hydraulically driven by the tractor. The spreader is equipped with solid support legs, which means that it can be left standing with spreading material in the hopper, and since it is easy to fit on to the tractor, it can quickly be driven to the right place when material is to be spread for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.
• The PM is simply and robustly constructed with a minimum of mechanical features, so that its maintenance requirements are just as minimal.
• Spreading Width 1010mm (40 inches)
• Hydraulically driven (by tractor hydraulics at a flow rate of 10 - 40 litres/minute [2.6 - 10.6 gal/min]) spreader
• Capacity of 140 litres (5 cubic feet)
• Linear Working Range (Salt) at typical application rates (not road speed related) of 8.4 km (5.2 miles)



Download the Epoke Towed Spreader Brochure Here. 


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