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Epoke ITM Spreader

The Epoke ITM Spreaders are ideal for quick action on bike and footpaths, industrial plants, parking areas and the like. The ITM Spreaders can be connected to tractors and cars equipped with a trailer coupler or a 3-piont swivelling hitch. They can also be used on forklift trucks by means of a special fitting. All models feature manual engagement/disengagement. The ITM Spreaders are flexible and their low weight and low center of gravity ensure easy operation.
All models are characterized by the Epoke dosing system, which features an agitator that prevents material bridge building and a delivery roller, which ensures accurate and even delivery. As a result, the spreader may be adjusted to deliver as little as possible but as much as required. The ITM Spreaders are capable of delivering sand, split, urea, oil absorbents as well as other commonly available spreading materials and mixtures hereof.
• The Epoke ITM 35 Spreader has a Spreading Width 780mm (31 inches)
• The Epoke ITM 45 Spreader has a Spreading Width of 1010mm (40 inches)
• The Epoke ITM 60 Spreader has a Spreading Width of 1460mm (57.5 inches)
• The Epoke ITM Spreaders are grounds speed driven, requiring no electrical power or hydraulics
• Additional features include remote on/off and trailer lights


Download the Epoke ITM Spreader Brochure Here.

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