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Epoke EpoMini 5 Push Spreader

If salt is used for combating icy roads, and a shovel is used for the spreading, you typically use 10 times more salt than when spreading with the aid of the Epoke EpoMini 5 Push Spreader. Therefore, mechanical spreading is not only a money-saving idea, but the environmental damage is reduced.
• Mechanical spreading ensures an even and homogeneous thawing which even the most meticulous spreading with a shovel is not able to accomplish
• The Epoke EpoMini 5 is road speed related, meaning the desired quantity per square meter remains constant regardless of variation in speed
• Capacity of 50 litres (1.8 cubic feet)
• Spreading Width of 550mm (22 in)
• Linear Working Range (salt) at typical application rates is 6 km (3.7 miles)


Download the Epoke Towed Spreader Brochure Here.


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