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Epoke Bulk Spreaders

With all Epoke machinery you gain the unique benefit of incredible versatility and control in spreading. The symmetry function allows you to spread to single or multiple lanes, and to the left or to the right behind the spreader. This revolutionary system is easily adjusted on the fly with the EpoMaster control - turning lanes, intersections, bus lanes, and more can be treated precisely on just one pass without wasting material.
• Epoke’s symmetry function allows spreaders to travel in the right lane, while effectively covering the entire span
• Operators appreciate the ease of use and control that they gain with Epoke spreaders, confident that they can rely on its precision and consistency
• All major components are easily accessed and routine maintenance can be done quickly and simply
• Epoke Sirius is a line of bulk spreaders that excels under all winter conditions, making it the best choice for maintaining roads and runways
• Epoke Sirius goes beyond meeting quality and safety regulations and sets new standards for the industry



Download the Epoke Bulk Spreaders Brochure Here.

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