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Epoke 4902 AST Combi

Epoke Combination Spreaders are solutions for multiple roles on just one chassis.The 4902 AST Combi is a highly capable, large volume anti-icing spreader and a high capacity dry and prewet material spreader.

The 4902 features exceptional control in symmetry and spreadwidth and also excels in high-speed anti-icing application (55 mph/90 km/h) on highways or runways.

• Quick reaction to changing weather and road conditions during the spreading event
• Great flexibility in liquid and dry material capacity
• Remote switching between the 6 spreading options
• Dosing accuracy
• Reduction of salt quantity and material costs
• Environmentally sound spreading
• Wider conveyor belt
• Reduced weight
• Wireless remote control (option)

Dry material spreading
SIRIUS COMBI AST allows spreading of salt/sand/gravel or a mixture thereof. The unique dosing system minimizes ”bridgebuilding” in the hopper and crushes any lumps in the material. It is possible to spread liquid in widths up to 11 meters
and dry material from 1 metre to 12 metres at speeds up to 65 km/h.

Liquid spreading
SIRIUS COMBI AST is capable of spraying liquid to prevent slippery roads or in connection with dust binding. The ability of the liquid to adhere to the road surface reduces the amount of material, which typically disappears into ditches and vegetation near the road. Turbulence resulting from passing cars or heavy winds will not affect the recently completed spreading session.

Download the Epoke 4902 Sirius AST Combi Brochure here.

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