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KEG Warranty

KEG Technologies offers a limited lifetime warranty on tools and items manufactured by KEG. This warranty applies against manufacturing defects. Limited warranties exist on all bodies, inserts, and components.

KEG will not warranty against loss, failure and/or damage due to: improper set-up, improper assembly, abnormal wear, improper use, use outside the design parameters of these tools, unauthorized modification of these tools, or failure to perform recommended maintenance on said tools.
  • Money Back guarantee on all products
  • 5 years on titanium ceramic inserts
  • 3 years on all tool bodies with replaceable ceramic inserts
  • 1 year on replaceable steel inserts
  • 1 year on all tool bodies with replaceable steel inserts
  • 2 years on chain cutter fins and tube assemblies
  • 2 years on rotating bodies (chain cutter and rotor nozzles)
  • 1 year on chain cutter skids and distance plates
  • 1 year on swivels (when shipped with original tool)
  • 1 year on Tier 1 nozzles, steel inserts, holders
  • 180 days on re-manufactured tools
  • 90 days on new replacement warranty items