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ENZ 50.100 Bulldozer Nozzle

The ENZ 50.100 Bulldozer Nozzle is for large diameter pipes (specifically storm sewers). With all its inserts pointed downwards, this nozzle will bring back large amounts of debris in a very short period of time. This nozzle is specifically designed for pipes 18" and larger, with its low center of gravity and physical weight, it is one of the most aggressive bottom feeders available.

The ENZ 50.100 Bulldozer Nozzle features:
• 1" Connecting thread
• An application range of 12" - 60"
• 40 Minumum gpm at 1450 psi
• A thrust jet of 6 x M10
• Measures 7.32” l x 6.3” w x 5.9” h


Download the ENZ USA Nozzle Brochure Here.

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