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Harben Century Trailers

The Harben Century Trailer is a heavy-duty, industrial high-pressure cleaning unit that includes the patented Harben Century Pump. The Century Pump has all the same attributes as the P-Type Pump, but the Century Pump has a flow variance over various pressures up to 10,150 psi. This remarkable feature enables contractors to have a jetting system that is capable of tackling industrial surface preparation tasks at high pressure, as well as have the capacity to clean large diameter pipes at lower pressures.

Moreover, Harben trailers are compact in design and give up to twenty four minutes of operating time. Using Harben's wide range of accessories these units have the capability to carry out a variety of water jetting applications.

• Reel or rack units
• Power coasted engine, reel & frame
• Heavy duty 3/16” steel tubing
• UV protected tanks
• Variable flows & pressures
• 110 gallon header tank


Download the Harben Century Trailer Brochure here.

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