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Labrie Organics

Labrie has raised the bar for organics waste collection with a seamless collection solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Specifically designed for Organics collection, the Wittke PCO-cv for commercial applications and the Labrie PRO-cv for residential applications provide a safe, simple and optimal solution but can just as easily handle MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) collection.

Equipped with a leak free hopper and body, both units feature the patented Pendulum Packer, a fixed position packing system situated between the hopper and the body that has no rails, no blade and no clean-out door. While the truck is in operation, the Pendulum Packer runs continuously and quietly deposits the collected materials directly into the hopper on top of the packing mechanism. Another important feature is the "self-cleaning" which eliminates trash “build up” behind the blade.

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